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Building upon techniques from narcotics detection, cadaver detection, and search and rescue, we pioneered ways to use dogs’ extraordinary sense of smell to protect wildlife and wild places.

Our dogs can detect weeds before they break the surface, animals that live below ground, and aquatic organisms invisible to the human
eye. Our co-founders were the first to train dogs to detect wide-ranging carnivores non-invasively, to uncover illegal snares in Africa, and to find invasive plants, insects, and fish.

We are also at the forefront of the fight against wildlife trafficking, training dogs to detect ammunition, guns, poisons, snares, ivory, rhino horn, and pangolin scales.


We work closely with agencies, NGOs, researchers, and industry.

We provide everything from study design and methodology development to joint fundraising, data collection, GIS mapping, data analysis, and reporting.

In the process, we offer a second chance to high-drive shelter dogs, many of whom would have been euthanized if we had not put them to work saving wildlife. 

We work as fee-for-service contractors, collaborators on joint projects, or in some cases, we are able to provide our services for free.


We value the identities and lived experiences of all individuals and cultures. We recognize all that diversity brings to our lives and work, including the rich expressions and perspectives that span race, gender, culture, values, economics, geography, and all social identity groups. 

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