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Ivory Detection Training

Watch our detection dogs learn to sniff out illegal ivory and other contraband.

The Luangwa Valley is Zambia’s wildlife stronghold, and it is under increasing attack from poachers. In response, WD4C has trained a team of detection and tracking dogs to live and work in the area permanently. The dogs traveled to Zambia with two of WD4C’s trainer/biologists, who spent several months on site training handlers from SLCS and the Zambia Wildlife Authority.

Our dogs have found poaching contraband that law enforcement would never have discovered without them, such as gun parts concealed in the thatched roof of a hut, or, incredibly, a tiny primer cap (used to fire a muzzle loader) that was placed in a matchbox, hidden inside a suitcase, and buried among bags and parcels in a tightly packed van. Searches like these often happen along roads or in villages, when many bystanders are watching, which adds to the dogs’ deterrence value.

WD4C continues to provide consultation, support, and maintenance training to the Zambia team to ensure that the dogs remain eager, efficient and effective in their work.