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Shelter Me Trailer featuring Jane Goodall

Animal welfare icon Dr. Jane Goodall is hosting “Shelter Me: Community Matters,” the seventh episode of the inspiring national PBS series that tells three powerful stories about shelter pets and the people who help them. Premiering in February, the main story in this one-hour episode features shelter dogs performing life-saving conservation work in Africa while providing a message of hope.

The “Shelter Me” series was created by filmmaker Steven Latham who wants to break down any stigmas of public animal shelters and help people realize that shelter pets make incredible pets. “Shelter Me: Community Matters” is presented by the Petco Foundation.

The primary story in Episode 7, “Shelter Me: Community Matters,” features Working Dogs for Conversation (WD4C), a non-profit organization based in Montana that trains American shelter dogs for life-saving conservation work in Africa and throughout the world. WD4C is able to help save wildlife by first saving at-risk shelter dogs that they train to be placed in successful, fulfilling conservation careers.

The cameras follow Vicka, a stray from a shelter in Nevada, on her journey to help battle the elephant and rhino poaching crisis in Zambia, Africa. Viewers will see everything from the intense and vigorous training Vicka goes through at WD4C to her placement in Zambia, where she is searching vehicles for ivory and firearms."


“Shelter Me: Community Matters” premieres on public television stations in February. Please go to for local listings.