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  • BREED: Labrador Retriever
  • JOINED: 2015
  • SCENTS: 1, Shark Fin


When we saw the video from Labrador Rescuers of San Diego, we knew we wanted Atlas to join our pack. He played fetch with such athleticism – navigating obstacles and keeping his bearings as he relentlessly searched for the ball – that we would never have guessed that he’d been blind since birth. A volunteer pilot flew Atlas to his new home in Montana, but when he arrived, it was clear he wasn’t quite ready to start detection training. So he moved in with Aimee Hurt to work on his attention span, focus, and connection with people. For a year, Aimee took him everywhere – to dozens of hotels, homes, and camping spots. When the year was up, Atlas had enough life-skills under his collar to start training as a conservation detection dog, and had found a forever home with Aimee.