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  • BREED: Border Collie
  • JOINED: 2019
  • SCENTS: 5, including zebra mussels


Barley showed up in a Denver shelter when his owner was going through a tough time. An evaluator at the shelter immediately knew this happy, focused, smart dog needed a job. Although he wasn’t rude or pushy, Barley stopped breathing when he saw a ball and never stopped looking for something to fetch - so he went home with Kayla to be a dog trainer’s assistant. While Barley excelled at helping aggressive dogs and demonstrating manners for clients, he really found his calling in a nosework class. Fast forward two years and he and Kayla joined the team at Working Dogs for Conservation. On his sixth day of training with fox scat, he alerted to a wild sample, proving he’s ready to be more than just a demo dog. He’s enthusiastic and tireless in the field but also loves showing off his skills to the public. His classic border collie stare is a bit less serious thanks to his too-big tongue. ​