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  • BREED: Belgian Malinois
  • JOINED: 2017 
  • SCENTS: 7, including ammunition 


DJ came to us as as an 11-month old pure-bred Malinois who had been purchased for obedience and protection sports like Schutzhund and Mondioring. His owner had worked hard on DJ’s training, only to discover that the pup had an undescended testicle which would disqualify him from future competition. Knowing that a dog like DJ would never make a good household pet, his owner was thrilled to place him with us, where he gets the structure and stimulation he needs to thrive. His job is now to help protect the incomparable wildlife of the Serengeti, where he has become particularly skilled at tracking. DJ and his canine partner Popo once led their handlers on an all-night 14.7 kilometer track to a poaching camp, which resulted in three arrests and the confiscation of 34 deadly snares and 432 kilograms (over 950 pounds!) of bushmeat.​