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  • BREED: Belgian Malinois
  • JOINED: 2017
  • SCENTS: 4, including tropical hardwoods


Fenix was donated to us by a family in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley that wisely realized she was far too intense to be a family pet. But her intensity pays off as a working dog. Her careful, detailed searching is perfect for detection work and her sweet nature makes her a lovely work partner. Fenix is on the small side for a Malinois, and there is something very ladylike about her. Unlike most working dogs, she can be quite particular: she doesn’t like it when she has burrs in her coat, or if her toy gets too sandy, but her handlers are happy to dote on her. She was trained as a detection dog, but she has excelled as a tracker, and now works helping the scouts in North Luangwa National Park locate and confirm the safety of the park’s rhinos.​