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  • BREED: Belgian Malinois
  • JOINED: 2017
  • SCENTS: 3, including bobcat


Jax is a goofy, sensitive pup. Which is probably why he failed out of the Green Berets -- the sweet boy just didn’t like to bite. But he is full of enthusiasm for detection work: when he finds a target, he slams his body down as if to shout, “Here it is! I found it!” He’s even tried to climb trees in his eagerness to make a find. His enthusiasm extends to the people around him: he always wants to be touching someone, and his favorite way to relax is to put his toy on his handler and chew it there. He is one of the most personable Malinois we have ever met (and we’ve had the privilege to work with quite a few). His sweetness and big heart aren’t often found in high-drive dogs, and make him a pleasure to work with in the field.