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  • BREED: Labrador Retriever
  • JOINED: 2011
  • SCENTS: 12, including grizzly bear


By the time Lily was three years old, she had already lived in five different homes. Probably because she is always in motion. She whines, circles, and wags constantly, always carrying something in her mouth. Her eyes dilate at the sight of a ball and if you are foolish enough to throw it once, well, there goes your afternoon. A rescue in Georgia recognized Lily’s potential as a working dog, and started training her for narcotics detection. But budget cuts left the rescue director worried that Lily would embark on this career, only to lose it -- and her sixth home. So she put Lily on a plane to her forever home with us. Lily’s quirky nature and boundless energy serve her well as she tirelessly searches for endangered wildlife and invasive pests.