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  • BREED: Malinois Mix
  • JOINED: 2017
  • SCENTS: 7, including pangolin scales


Radar is a perfectly behaved gentleman, polite in every way -- until he sees a toy. He once scaled a six-foot chain-link fence to get to a toy on the other side. This is classic Malinois intensity, and it makes him an outstanding detection dog. Now at work with the Singita Grumeti fund, he brings this energy and focus to both tracking poachers and detecting illicit wildlife products on the Serengeti, but at heart he hasn’t changed. Once he wanted to search a vehicle, but couldn’t bear to wait for his handler to open the door. Instead, he jumped through the open window so he could get to work that instant. He speed and drive make him a challenge to handle, but we do our best to keep up with him.​