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Saving Dogs who Save the World

Rescues2TheRescue will save thousands of shelter dogs by putting them to work for dog organizations around the world.

Great conservation detection dogs have an obsessive play drive and an unrelenting toy focus. Their never-quit attitude makes them nearly impossible to keep in a family home, but perfect members of the WD4C family.

Many of our dogs were rescued from shelters. But shelters throughout the United States hold thousands of more high-energy dogs that have little hope of being adopted. Many of these animals will be euthanized, while countless others will live out their lives in no-kill shelters.

WD4C has partnered with the International Fund for Animal Welfare to identify these dogs and connect them with organizations that could put them to work. Through our Rescues 2the Rescue program, we have created online tools to teach shelter staff on how to identify candidate dogs. Our next step is to create ways for working dog organizations to evaluate them, so that more of these talented, at-risk animals can be placed in successful, fulfilling careers.