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  • BREED: German Shepherd
  • JOINED: 2015
  • SCENTS: 3, including zebra mussels


Some dogs just need a job, and Theo is one of them. A large, handsome German Shepherd with a super high drive and lots of smarts, he was a poor fit for a regular home. But since he joined our pack, Theo has been thriving. He is a focused and devoted partner in the field, and he loves the challenges of his work inspecting watercraft for tiny invasive mussels. His reward is a ball, with which he is completely obsessed, but he will turn anything (even unopened cans of tuna!) into a toy if you give him the chance. Now that he is happy and fulfilled in his work, Theo has proven to be a closet cuddle bug. We are more than happy to give him all the snuggles he needs!