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  • BREED: German & Dutch Shepherd Mix
  • JOINED: 2017
  • SCENTS: 7, including pangolin


Tigee’s road to WD4C wasn’t an easy one. Seized by animal control for being aggressive, Tigee was isolated in a four-foot kennel for nearly three weeks. Most of the staff was afraid of him, but one shelter worker reached out to Mark Vick, a frequent WD4C collaborator. Though Tigee was alarmed and untrusting after his long confinement, Mark quickly realized that he wasn’t a bit aggressive -- and that his incredible toy drive would make him a spectacular working dog. It turns out Mark has as much drive as the dogs she handles: he brought in outside evaluators, wrote letters, and advocated with the shelter board until he saved Tigee from euthanization. Then he and Tigee roadtripped out to WD4C’s Montana headquarters, so he could start his new life. Tigee has moved far beyond the cinderblock walls of his kennel: he now lives in Zambia and works to protect the wildlife of South Luangwa National Park.