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Tigre - Retired

  • BREED: Labrador Retriever
  • JOINED: 2017
  • SCENTS: 6, including his namesake, jaguar


Tigre has never met a stranger -- his world is simply full of friends he hasn’t met yet. He is incredibly people- and dog-social, and is always ready to train, work, or play. He came to us from our friends at Paws Assisting Veterans, who recognized that Tigre had the smarts to be a service dog, but way too much drive. We’re not sure how Tigre feels about cats in his daily life, but in the field, they’re his business. He now lives in Costa Rica, where he and his handler detect samples and collect conservation data for Panthera, a global conservation organization dedicated exclusively to the protection of wild cats. Tigre is trained on 6 different feline species: jaguar and puma, the weasel-like jaguarundi, sleek ocelot, tree-dwelling margay, and the little oncilla, which is no bigger than a housecat. Tigre loves his job, and works very quickly: once he is in a “scent cone” he locates the source with lightning speed.