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  • BREED: Chesapeake Bay retriever/Labrador retriever mix
  • JOINED: 2016
  • SCENTS: 7, including rhino horn 


Tony is charismatic, playful and curious. So playful and curious, in fact, that left to his own devices he can get into trouble. He was surrendered to the shelter for digging up his owners’ yard, and then adopted and returned again for being too possessive of his toys. Luckily for Tony, there is an informal network that keeps in contact about potential working dogs. Our friends at the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation let us know there was a possible candidate at the Onslow County Animal Shelter in Jacksonville, North Carolina. His toy drive was too high for them, but they thought he might be a perfect fit for us. Tony had charmed the shelter staff, and he did the same to us when we met him. Now Tony puts his energy to constructive use for our partners at the Singita Grumeti Fund, protecting the wildlife of the famous Serengeti.​