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  • BREED: Belgian Malinois
  • JOINED: 2016
  • SCENTS: 2, including black-footed ferret


WD4C didn’t just teach Tule to be a detection dog -- we had to teach her how to be a dog, period. When she came to us she was paralyzed with stress, didn’t know how to socialize with people or dogs, and wasn’t even house-trained. But she was a quick study. In just six months Tule learned how to live in a house, play nicely with dogs and people, and to detect black footed ferret. Despite her incredible drive, Tule doesn’t chase cats or bunnies. This makes her a perfect fit for ferret work, since she is not distracted by the hundreds of prairie dogs darting in and out of their holes. If you throw a ball for her, however, that’s another thing entirely, and you’d better make sure no one is in the way. Tule is getting better every day: learning what’s appropriate, learning to trust those around her, and learning she lucked into the best job ever.​