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  • BREED: Shepard Mix
  • JOINED: 2017
  • SCENTS: 5, including bobcat


Zoey works hard and loves hard. Nothing interrupts her focus when she’s working, but the second she’s done, she’s in your lap, paws on your shoulders, kissing you into submission. She was found on the street in Texas, so her past is a mystery, but whatever it holds hasn’t dulled her affection for people. Zoey was rescued with support from The Cougar Fund, and we will put her fast, furious energy to work on cougar-related projects. When she’s not in the field, her friendliness and people-focus will make her the perfect ambassador for big cat conservation. She is a great demonstration dog -- wowing the crowd with her scent work and then cuddling up with all comers -- and gives her all both with the public and in the field to promote the protection of cougar, bobcat, and other wild cats.​