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Central Asia Anti-Trafficking Program

  • LOCATION:  Kyrgyz Republic, Asia 
  • DOGS: Local Customs Authority detection dogs
  • PURPOSE:  To intercept wildlife contraband along Kyrgyzstan's borders
  • TARGET SCENTS: Confidential for K9 team safety
  • PARTNER/CLIENT: Panthera & Kyrgyz Customs Authority


In Kazakhstan and the Kyrgyz Republic, WD4C is partnering with Panthera to cross-train Kyrgyz Customs Authority narcotics detection dogs on wildlife contraband. The K9 teams are currently intercepting four heavily-trafficked Asian species, and all are ready to expand their repertoires to include other trafficked wildlife products.

In addition to on-site dog training, we are sharing our expertise with the human members of the canine customs program.
Knowledge of best practices and most current science will help the Customs Authority expand their searches to include trafficked wildlife, increase their detection rates for both narcotics and wildlife contraband, and improve their methods for dog training, handling, and care.

Ongoing maintenance training and evaluation will be provided through both remote and on-site visits.