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Anti-poaching and anti-trafficking around the world.

WD4C is helping K9 teams intercept illicit wildlife products, detect guns and ammunition, track poachers, and protect at-risk animals in six countries on three continents.

Preventing, mapping, and eradicating invasive species.

WD4C dogs detect the first colonists of invasive species, map existing infestations, and find every last individual to ensure eradication efforts are complete.

Finding and protecting, rare, threatened and endangered species of animals and plants.

Ecological monitoring—finding where species live, how many there are, and what they need—is vital to many conservation efforts and luckily the WD4C pack is here to help.

Helping ensure equitable sharing of conservation benefits and environmental impacts.


Consultation, Collaboration, and Capacity Building

Some partners and programs need a constant K9 presence. WD4C can source, train, and deploy dogs. When we do, we support the dogs and handlers for the life of the program.